Yes! Finally, I can share some big news with you! Next season I will start a new adventure. It’s time to start the engine of a new car. I am proud to announce that I will be racing for the Racing One Team next season! Together with Kenton Koch, an experienced American driver, I will be taking a seat in an Aston Martin for this season of the European GT4 Series.

From V8 Racing to Racing One

Those who followed my adventure in the recent years know that I have proven, together with Jop Rappange and the V8 Racing Team, what we can achieve in the GT4. After two wonderful seasons it is time for new ambitions in a new environment. The German Racing One team is a team with a lot of experience and proven quality. It is the perfect opportunity to show myself and become a champion!

aston martin gt4 racing one thijmen

Because that is what we want to achieve. Together with American driver Kenton Koch and a top team of engineers, we ensure that our Aston Martin crosses the finish line first this season. We will work twice as hard for that! On a physical, mental and professional level we shift up a gear (or two) this season to show the entire European GT4 Series: we want that throne!


Ladies and gentlemen: start your engines!

However, loyal fans of the Camaro will have to get used to the sound of the Aston Martin. The new car has a V8 engine with racing turbo in it. The sound is less deafening than that of the Camaro. But this can be deceiving! During the first test rounds I immediately felt a connection with the car. We will have to get used to each other, but I know we can achieve optimal speed, together. Keep an eye on my Stories page for updates on the upcoming season! We are ready. Are you?

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Volg zijn avontuur op weg naar de top van de racerij! Let's go! 


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